Our philosophy

Who are you?

  • Where will I personally be best treated and healed?
  • Where will I get the best individual care?
  • Where will I feel well and sure as a patient?

You want an answer to these questions. You are an enlightened patient and want to be treated as such. You have requirements that a "normal" hospital is not in a position to meet. Perhaps you would like to have your operation take place on a Saturday, because you are required back at the company on Monday. Perhaps you don't feel like seeing a different doctor each day, but instead a single, competent doctor you can trust and who listens to what you have to say. Perhaps you finally want to be seen as a whole person and not just in part. Perhaps you want for once to speak at length with a doctor who is not constantly glancing at his watch or running from one patient to another.

Besides the experienced doctors from various fields, you can expect to find the latest technology and an environment in which you will recover quickly, because you feel better there. In addition to gentle, non-invasive methods of examination, you can expect to find specialists who are able to diagnose your condition correctly. In addition to the latest methods of treatment and operation techniques you can expect to find a compact concept for a possible post-operative phase and be taken care of by the same doctor that treated you when you first arrived at the clinic. And, what is more, you can also maintain contact, by Internet for example, with this same doctor after you have been released from the clinic.

You have the feeling that you are not really asking for too much, only that to which you are entitled as a private patient.

And we agree with you on this. And because you are as you are, you are our ideal patient and very welcome as such!

About us

  • What is the best way to treat and heal people?
  • How do you ensure that patients get the best care?
  • How do you ensure that the patient feels well and comfortable?

The answers to these questions are as follows: time, experience, care, commitment, cutting-edge technology and dedication. All of which words do not necessarily go without saying in our health system but are a guaranteed part of the Adickes Privatklinik, as healing requires medical competence as well as a setting in which you can trust that you will be properly cared for.

Adickes Privatklinik regards it as its mission to offer its patients precisely this.

For us you are not an anonymous patient. Instead, an experienced doctor from our team looks after you personally during the entire course of your treatment. And this is true not only for the diagnostics and treatment, but also for possible rehabilitation measures.

You and the doctor are a team that works together to ensure that you are healed. During this the doctor views you as a whole and takes plenty of time before arriving at a diagnosis, while at the same time consulting with you, because we believe that an enlightened patient is the best sort of patient. Your doctor is backed by an entire team of experienced specialists from various schools of medicine, which he consults with easily and whenever necessary.

In making our diagnoses we prefer non-invasive methods and, when operations are required, minimal-invasive techniques. When such methods and techniques are used the physical and psychological strain is much lower and healing much quicker. Our concern for the personal well-being of our patients extends beyond the field of medicine: in quiet, comfortable rooms you will find all the latest, modern communication facilities such as TV, Telefax and Internet access.

The answer to the questions put above can therefore only be that you are treated more personally, individually and competently. This is our mission.