Vascular medicine

Vascular medicine

The correct system

Prophylaxis is the decisive point: it identifies familiar tendencies to arteriosclerosis or to thrombosis and prevents the full impact of a serious subsequent illness. This is especially true for strokes, which don't have to surprise us like something fate always had in store for us. Special duplexsonographic displays of the wall structure of vessels, measurements of the flow characteristics of blood, testing of the blood composition and the clotting can help us to recognise in advance predispositions to certain vasculopathies. Don't be afraid to allow us to examine your vascular system with our "magnifying glass"!

At the Adickes Privatklinik we offer you extensive, in-depth examinations and consultations "concerning the vascular system", a team of conservative and operative colleagues puts its know-how at your disposal. While we deal with the entire spectrum of vascular medicine, we also focus on several areas in which we have years of experience and can draw on interventional and operative capabilities.

Besides favouring the least possible invasive methods our clinic uses biological materials for reconstructing vessels; when plastics are not an option for reconstructing vessels these biological materials enable vessels to be reconstructed. The leaf must be kept from wilting!

Are you interested in finding out more about the range of services we offer? All you have to do is mail your queries, complaints or already ascertained results to our vascular team or arrange a personal interview with us.

The appropriate treatment

1. Prevention

  • Thrombosis prevention, thrombosis clarification
  • Arteriosclerosis screening, genetic disposition
  • Risks of stroke
  • Flowmetric, duplexsonographic examination of arterial vessels

2. Therapeutic methods

Varicose veins:

  • Duplex controlled stage-adapted resection of varicosis
  • Laser assisted endoluminal varicosesclerosation

Arterial obstruction illness:

  • Biological methods for vessel replacement in legs and feet
  • Bypass methods pelvis/leg
  • Minimal invasive, catheter assisted recanalizations

Diabetic foot:

  • Computer assisted plantar pressure measurements, customization of
  • shoes to particular stage
  • Care of diabetic trophic ulcaeration, relieve of hyperkeratosis
  • Chronic wound therapy

Kidney weakness:

  • Shunt flow measuring, early detection and treatment of shunt problems
  • Biological methods for implantation of av-shunts (dialysis)


  • Sophisticated deblocking therapies for congested lymphways